Print Versus Digital Comic: Devon Anderson

While working on the hand drawn comic It became apparent that art was not a skill I had yet refined. I was trying to express through my panels the topics that I associate with; such as being an RA, the first panel shows a bulletin board that we as RAs must make to express who we are to our residents. The first panel of the hand drawn comic was re designed/ drawn 15 times before I landed on a concept. The next panels are zoomed in sticky notes that describe a little bit about me such as that I am a double major in marketing and business management, following with the idea that I love the beach and ending with my favorite show “The Office”.

Hand Drawn Comic

This struggle was not the case however, with the Digital Comic. Right when I began I had a story line ready to execute. The story was tweaked here and there as I continued but the concept still strongly resembled my original idea. Using Canva I created a four panel design that I enjoyed creating much more than the hand drawn comic. I think that I am a perfectionist and that was easier accomplished through already created designs that I implemented into the Digital design compared to the hand drawn comic where my artistic skills where flawed.

Digital Comic

Although I prefer making my own comic in a digital layout, I enjoyed reading comics in class on paper: to me, it was easier to follow and the anticipation of flipping to the next page was thrilling. I have never been an avid comic reader and this class has really opened my eyes to the industry.

While reading through the first chapter of “understanding Comics” I really enjoyed the idea of sequence and how although you only need two panels to show a movement you can still get your story across. In my Digital Comic I use sequence to portray the sun setting so that the audience understands it is getting dark and then it snows. Although my comic looks and feels like an average comic I found it interesting how broad the definition of a comics could be and how little restrictions where there.

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