Weekly Blog: Show and Tell Erin Rockwood

The interdependent comic type I used in the first panel was an additive, as the words amplify the image and add onto the meaning of both. Without the additive of the words, you wouldn’t know the significance of the image. In the second panel I was going for duo-specific, as the image shows the training, and the words mean the same thing. The third is duo-specific again, and the fourth panel was word-specific, as the image doesn’t add as much meaning as the words, and you gain most of your information from them. You wouldn’t be able to decipher that they were siblings from just the image alone.

I used illustrator for this comic, I’m still not the best on the platform, but I tried to use this rather than physical paper this week to learn more and feel better on it. I used some skills I learned in other classes, mostly the copy function, to make the work easier.

Illustrator is easier to work in the longer you spend time with it, the first project I did in it took about 4 hours while this took about 1. I have a hard time getting the functions to go my way in the application.

All of the panels in my comic have scene to scene closure, and the time frames are kind of jumping into different moments of them on a compound together, kind of like flashbacks. It’s as if the person who is showing the other person who they are is looking through records of them while the montage plays on.

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