Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Yanir Govrin

Job By Yanir Govrin

My comic uses a combination of words and pictures to tell a story. On its own the pictures don’t mean much but the words add meaning to the seemingly unconnected pictures. This is additive use of words at it adds meaning to what is already there.

For this comic I used paper and two different black markers to achieve my lines. I traced over a pencil sketch. Because I used paper, I was not limited by digital tools for lines and details

Using physical tools for me is easier because there is no learning curve or things i have to get used to to make my comic. Next time however I will use illustrator

The type of closure I used is subject to subject as it goes from one subject to another in the same scene being the man and the ax that he is holding.

In this comic time almost doesn’t apply as the second picture is just the ax that is held up by the man and as such exists together with the man in the same time.

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