Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Anna Davenport

Day 300 comic By: Anna Davenport 2020

For my weekly blog this week I choose to use the experience we are in now, quarantine, to talk about what I would do if we get to day 300. The way that my comic uses interdependent words and picture combinations is that it uses the words to tell an inner thought type of words. In the McCloud book that we are reading in class, he talks about how by using the thoughts that someone has in their head it can help make your comic be more interdependent. I also thought that since we have quarantine right now I thought that it would be interesting because we are alone and haven’t been talking to people and so the character would be more comfortable in their thoughts. I attempted to use montage in my comic like the book had by using the word happy and replacing the a with the characters face that is happy. I also tried to use montage when I put the words baby goat into the body of the goat. This did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to because I wanted the words to make the words actually form the goat’s body but I could not figure out how to do that. I will continue to try and do this with our next comic. The tools that I used were a mix of Illustrator on my computer and adobe draw on my iPad. I found that drawing what I wanted the character to look like first, copying the image and putting it into illustrator, then tracing over the drawing with the curve tool was a way better process. I tried to use time inventively in this comic by doing a close up of the money and in our book, in chapter 4 McCloud talks about how doing a close up lengthens how long it feels. I wanted someone to really get time to think about what she was thinking.

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