Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Ethan Miller

For my weekly comic, I used language to convey what couldn’t be conveyed by only images. For example, in the third panel, the text specifies that the person in the bed has woken up late for class, without the text, the viewer wouldn’t know that the person in bed was alarmed about (pun intended). Likewise, without the image, the viewer wouldn’t know the situation that would make someone late for class, in this case being they overslept. In my creation of this comic though I tried to be a little more creative with how I used text so in the first two panels there was some more less seen modes of verbal communication in the comic. The first panel with the sleeping Z’s seemed to fit the definition of duo specific to me because the words and the image both tell the viewer the same thing, that the person is sleeping in bed. In the second panel I tried to fit the additive definition by making the alarm beep so much. I tried to make the words emulate the feeling someone gets when their alarm just doesn’t stop beeping, so the obvious hyperbole of words adds to the image that would normally just seem like a late time to get up.

Week 14 comic

I made this comic in illustrator, using the various shape and line tools to create the room and person and the text tool to make the text. I spent a while playing with the different colors to make the room seem less cartoony and more realistic. The problem I ran into when I did that was the room looked very bland, so I tried to make the text more fun colors to make the comic pop more and stand out. As for the actual creation, the pen tool was excellent to add some depth or shape to my very basic shapes, such as the sheet or the hair being shaped the way it is is thanks to the pen tool.

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