Putting It All Together: Zackary Reynolds

Designed by Zackary Reynolds

For my last comic I decided to make something more personal to myself. The purpose of my comic this week is to show about the day I met my girlfriend in real life. The reason why it is more personal to me than my other comics is because the other weekly comics I made I would do every single day but for this weekly comic I have only done once before. This was also an important day because I met her family at the same time, so it was important to make a good first impression. 

The structure of my comic starts in the morning where I woke up at 4:44. The reason why this is important to know is because before this day for the past week I could not sleep much and was hopping I could sleep that night. The second frame is just me waiting to leave to go to her house to meet her. The third and fourth frame is to show that I bought her flowers. This was important because I wanted to make a good first impression with her and her family and apparently it was a good idea because I was the first person to buy her flowers. The fifth frame I decided to make longer to show that more time has passed, and I also made the sun move to show that it has been almost all day. The reason why this is important is because it showed that I spent all day hanging out with her. The last frame is me going home. I also changed it to nighttime in the last frame because I got drove home at nighttime by my cousin. 

The form of my comic this week is pretty simple like my last ones in previous weeks. Something that I did differently this week is by adding more frames than before and even making two frames within the same which I have not done before. I also used illustrator to craft my comic this semester like the last comics I made for the weekly comics. The surface of my comic is smooth. 

The reason why this comic was more ambitious than the other weeks is because I used more frame and worked on using all the things I have learned to use in illustrator. I worked on making the sun and moon look like they are glowing to make it seem a little realistic even though I only worked with basic shapes. I also worked on making the clock glow to show light. I also worked on changed the shapes by using the curvature tool to add more points. You can see where I used this tool in the hair of my two characters, the cloud I made, and the text boxes. I also worked on changing the lighting throughout the comic unlike the other comics I made. You can see that it starts out in the dark and goes to light and then goes back to being dark. 

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