Closure and Time Frames: Zackary Reynolds

Sean Knickerbocker “Rust Belt” Made to depict aspects of life
Page: 69
Found in the Holland Library

The graphic novel I chose is a new graphic novel RUST BELT by Sean Knickerbocker which was published on June 11, 2019. The closure I chose to show is an aspect-to-aspect closure. An aspect-to-aspect closure means nothing happens and it is used to establish a mood or a sense of the place of the frames of the comic. The reason why this scene shows an aspect-to-aspect closure is because it starts out with the kitchen and then there are two other panels which can give the idea of what it sounds like in the kitchen. The panel with a whisk and the pot provides a sound with the pot and whisk hitting each other. After that panel there is a panel with the guy cutting carrots on a cutting board which provides the sound of a chopping. All three of these panels make an aspect of how the kitchen is in the comic. Which is why I believe these frames show an aspect-to-aspect closure. 

Sean Knickerbocker “Rust Belt” Made to depict aspects of life
Page: 59
Found in the Holland Library

These three frames are interesting time frames because the viewer can look at it either up to down or down to up and still get a similar idea of what is going on. If the viewer starts from the top they might see that the top frames are fast and trying to get Dave to open the door and for the last panel having it be big can show that Dave just sits there contemplating about something. But if the viewer starts from the bottom it looks like Dave is sitting there contemplating something for a long while because the size of the panel and then he gets interrupted to open the door. So, either way the viewer reads this page for the comic it will show Dave contemplating for a longer amount of time than the other panels. 

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