Closure and Time Frames: Devon Anderson

These two panels expresses closure from scene to scene. 
(Thin thighs in thirty years by Cathy Guisewite
page 39, Published by Universal Press Syndicate 1986)

The Graphic novel I chose to read and analyze is called Thin thighs in thirty years by Cathy Guisewite. I then started flipping through the comic and paused on a page that had two panels that spoke to me. The first panel is of the girl looking into the fridge and the next is of her eating food. These panels must have stood out to me because I was hungry at the time. That said, the two panels work for closure in a scene to scene scenario. In the textbook the example is two panels with one saying ten years later however as seen in my comic there is no statement showing that time has passed however you can infer that time has passed from the girl looking in the fridge for food and then sitting down to eat whatever she chose from the fridge.

The panels shown expresses time frame.
(Thin thighs in thirty years by Cathy Guisewite
page 43, Published by Universal Press Syndicate 1986)

I chose these eight panels because I believed that they showed a good representation of a time frame. The reader can easily see that from the time the girl gets to the store, looks around, and then comes out of the dressing room to show off her choice that time has passed by. Like in the textbook when you read a panel it in the present but when you look back the past panel was in the past. The reader can tell that at the end of the panel the girls past decisions are what got her to the present, in that specific outfit. Now being in that outfit is in the present leaving the reader to wonder what the future holds on the next page. Will she like the outfit or end up looking for something totally different? Will she buy anything at all? The reader can only know if they continue reading and become present in the next panel.

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