Closure and Time Frames: Sabrina Hoenes

Paru Itagaki, Beastars, Akita Publishing, 2017, 15-14

The first interesting example of closure I found is located on the right page (pg 14). This page shows examples of scene to scene and subject to subject. I believe it is scene to scene because the first two panels take place during the night, which is evident by the usage of black and darker hues of grey. It then gets transitioned to day time, which is evident by the fact that the artist is no longer using the dark tones/hues. I also believe it is an example of subject to subject because you go from the first panel, a close up of a opened mouth to a panel of blood. The second interesting example of closure I found is located on the left page (pg 15). This is an example of aspect to aspect as well as subject to subject again. It is aspect to aspect because we go from a close up to the playing cards, to a panel showing the animals playing the cards, to then a zoomed out panel of the same animals still playing. It is also subject to subject because we go from the cards to the animals.

Paru Itagaki, Beastars, Akita Publishing, 2017, 149-148

These pages were the most interesting example I found for time frames. I found them more interesting than other examples because as I was flipping through, page 148 (right page), was the only page that was set up and stylized this way. Even though this is a Japanese manga, usually read from right to left, the right page can be interpreted in different ways and it also engages the reader to identify which aspects to read first. Interpretation is also an interesting factor because of the different ways the wolf is drawn. On the right page he is drawn on a large scale using darker tones and hues, while the wolf that is seen throughout the manga is still drawn in lighter tones and hues. The use of drawing the wolf in a more scary and monstrous way is carried over to the left page as well as the reader sees him fighting himself. It could be interpreted as a Jekyll and Hyde trope (man vs self).

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