Closure and Time Frames: Blaine Casil

The graphic novel I decided to use was “Iron Man: Armor Wars”. The reason I chose to use this as my graphic novel was because I was always a fan of Marvel super heroes and I grew up reading Marvel comics. I found that the art work within Marvel comic books are very detailed, even the earlier comics that were made had a lot of detail. I found that with Marvel comic books, they are able to tell most of the story using different frames or scenes with just action and movement and that they didn’t need much wording to say what is happening. This I found very unique.

Iron Man: Armor Wars by Joe Caramagna and Craig Rousseau

One example of closure I found is Action-to-action. In the image above, it shows Tony Stark passing through multiple movements to attack the enemy. As you transition through the panels you can see that he first sprays the enemy with a fire extinguisher then proceeds to hit him with it. In the next scene, he ducks to avoid his enemies attack then proceeds to shock him with an electrical wire before getting hit. I believe this represents action-to-action very well because it defines every single one of his moments that could’ve happened within a matter of seconds and gives the reader an idea of what it going on within the story.

Iron Man: Armor Wars by Joe Caramagna and Craig Rousseau

The second example I chose demonstrates “time frames”. The reason I chose this specific page is because it builds suspense as the reader continues down the page. As the reader transitions from one scene to the other you are able to notice that “Iron Man” is looking for someone. The reader soon learns that the “someone” is Tony Stark. Just like the first example I chose, the authors don’t use any words to show what is going on but lets the images tell the story. Creating an opportunity for the reader to develop their own story. Towards the bottom of the page it shows Tony Stark jumping onto the suit in attempts to either disable it or to see who is in control of it. This creates a moment for the reader to decide what is going to happen next. Will Tony Stark find out who is in command of his suit? Or will he be thrown off and will never find out?

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