Closure and Timeframes: Malvin Malai-Harrison

For my graphic novel I chose the first volume of Sin City by Frank Miller. I chose this graphic novel because it’s a book that I borrowed from my dad a long time ago but never got around to reading it so I figured now would be as good of a time as any.

Frank Miller’s Sin City pg. 117.

My first example of closure from the book doesn’t necessarily indicate one category or another, but rather a blending of different categories. One category that it could be classified as is aspect-to-aspect.

I think that the bottom 3 panels could be considered aspect-to-aspect because it shows different perspectives of the same scene adding to the overall atmosphere.

The 3 photos showcase different viewpoints of the same subject while incorporating action as well. This is why I think that this example doesn’t necessarily fall into one of the other but rather a combination of both.

Frank Miller’s Sin City pg. 33.

For my next example, I was skimming through the book and found one that I thought illustrates the concept of Time Frames pretty well.

In this scene, the protagonist ducks behind a wall just moments before the security guard would’ve noticed him. The placement of the panels and their proximity to one another helps create this idea that these moments were happening very quickly to one another. Movies are able to showcase close-call moments pretty easily and it is very interesting to see how the artist went about designing this space.

This scene in particular was very brief because the main character was actually in the middle of running away from something and running to a different destination and he was doing it rather quickly. There are more pages that help depict this quick time change but I think this one was a great example for illustrating that.

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