Final Digital Comic Collage: Zackary Reynolds

Created by Zackary Reynolds, February, 2020.
Created by Zackary Reynolds, February, 2020.

My creative motivations were things that I enjoyed and some things in my life. I wanted my comic to have a simplistic look but at the same time have a texture look to it. The way my comic fits into McCloud’s definition of what comics are is because I put the images in a certain way to express things in my life and to provide texture to my comic. Some of the class discussion and readings has helped me think about my work by giving me an idea that comics can have many different looks. 

For texture I used was a piece of sandpaper, cardboard, and another slightly transparent fabric. These materials helped my collage by providing more depth, texture, and color. I also used a part of one of my t-shirts I wear to provide more texture. I used a couple of things I found outside. The leaf and the part from a tree are supposed to represent that I enjoy going outside. I used a workout glove to show that I enjoy working out. The workout glove does not show that I enjoy calisthenics, but it does show that I enjoy some type of exercise. For my reason of using my WSU beanie is to show that I go to WSU and that the weather can get cold occasionally. I used three little Minecraft figures to show that I enjoy playing games and one of those games is Minecraft. Finally, I added a Rubix cube to show I enjoy learning how to do new things even if they seem difficult. 

This was not my first-time using Photoshop. I have used it in the past in high school but not very much. The new thing I learned was about clipping mask which allowed me to edit photos without taking out pixels from the original photo. This was very helpful for when I made mistakes or decided to do something slightly different with the things I scanned. 

A tool that helped me make my collage was the magic wand tool. In tutorials section 2 number 5 it shows how the magic wand tool can help. The tutorial helped learning when to use it and how to adjust the settings on it like the tolerance of the wand. I used the magic wand to help select my images to help create a mask. 

I enjoyed composing in a digital environment because it allowed me to adjust things easily. The digital environment helped for when I made mistakes or decided to change something on my collage because it made it, so I did not have to start all over. Being able to adjust things easily helps with bigger projects in my opinion because I might make more mistakes. 

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