Graphic Novel Review: Zackary Reynolds

Made by Sean Knickerbocker
Found in Holland library
Page number 59

The graphic novel I chose to read for the semester was RUST BELT from Sean Knickerbocker. The graphic novel is about negative things in life like frustration and disappointment. The first example of disappointment is in the first chapter where the character Kurt likes another character named Ashley. Kurt was planning on telling Ashley that he likes her but when he was about to, she told him that she is moving. The reason I think this is an example of disappointment is because he was disappointed when he found out that she was moving, and he was not able to tell her how he feels. 

An example of frustration Knickerbocker showed in the comic could be seen in chapter two. In chapter two there is a character named Tim and he is an assistant manager at a company. But he finds out there will be a new CEO and the assistant manager job will no longer be a thing. Instead of that job there will be something they called a shift leader which is the same thing he is doing but with less pay. This is an example of frustration because Tim is frustrated about him getting less paid but supposed to do the same amount of work. Tim even shows his frustration on his way home by yelling “FUCK” in the car. 

In the graphic novel he used a lot of different iconography and drawing styles. But the example I am showing has intimacy and anger iconography. I think this because two of the frames show having the character Dave in a private area all alone which shows intimacy. The way the comic shows anger is by having a character knock hard on the door with a big “SLAM!” To show sound. The lines used for drawing could often be characterized as savage and deadly or honest and direct. 

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