Graphic Novel Review: Sophie Dimry

“The Last Man: Unmanned” by Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, and Jose Marzan Jr., pg. 38

The comic book I chose to read is called “The Last Man: Unmanned” by Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, and Jose Marzan Jr. This book was the first of “The Last Man” series. The story follows a man named Yorick who is the only surviving male left on planet Earth after a mysterious plague hits the population, killing every male species. After Yorick discovers he is the only man left on Earth, he attempts to understand the events that happened and teams up with a team of women to try to bring back the male population.

In Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” chapter “Living in Line” I noted his explanation of how using elements like backgrounds, line types, and font types can evoke different emotions or experiences. The iconography used in this comic book is centered around detailed scenery to convey emotion and different lettering styles to capture different sounds. The detailed illustrations are important to the story because the story is meant to be very dramatic and apocalyptic, so the scenes must convey that effectively. I also found that the use of lettering in certain frames can determine the mood, as Scott McCloud mentioned. The harsher lines and bigger, all capital letters invoke a feeling of intensity so that the reader understands that the situation is meant to be dramatic.

Overall, I thought this book turned out to be very interesting and entertaining. The story was fun to follow and the writing included some humor to keep the reader interested. The illustrations were also very well done and detailed which made it more enjoyable to read.

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