Northwest Alternative comics: Henry Igwala

Survivor Tales by David Lasky

The comic I chose to write about was “Survivor Tales: Eye over Houston”, by David Lasky. I enjoyed this comic because it was entertaining, informing and based off a true story.

In Lasky’s comic, I was able to find elements from John Lovett’s website. Some elements present in the comic were value, texture, size, shape, and line. The comic only used black and white with varying shades of grey to help create contrast. The elements and principles that I have learned did change my interpretation. The understanding of texture and value helps me build a visualization of how an object would feel like if I were to touch it in real life.

One example of time frame being used in the comic is when they showed a couple of buildings in the rain. As time went by, the rain got more intense, and it was illustrated by adding more value and texture to the rain and buildings. This helped build a sense of time lapse throughout the comic.

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