Northwest Alternative Comics: Nick Caton

Comic by Peter Bagge

The comic I chose that I liked was this comic by Peter Bagge. I liked this comic because it is old and had a lot of vulgar language you wouldn’t see today. I think it shows how people used to create their comics back in the day before people were so sensitive and when things were funnier. Other than this I like how he created each character differently. I think each character shows their personality through how they were drawn. Some elements I noticed used are contrast, value, and size. I think he uses contrast well because the whole comic is black and white. I also think this artist uses value very well. He uses value very well in his characters and the background of the frames. You can tell how he uses value when you look at the hair of the characters, some are straight black and some are lighter but still using black pen. Lastly I think he uses size very well. He uses size when it comes to the characters of the comic and their surroundings. I think it is important to use size when you are creating art or comics because you nee things to be proportional when dealing with people and their surroundings. I really enjoyed this comic, it was funny and a classic comic I could understand and read easily.

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