Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Henry Igwala

Blog 8 comic, hand drawn by Henry Igwala

For my second blog I chose to use a combination of words and pictures to convey my story. I used interdependent word picture combinations for my comic because there are times when you can only use words to get your point across, while other times you can only use pictures. The picture specific elements are most prevalent in the first panel as there are no words. Words are not needed because the illustrations already tell that part of the story, so adding words would be deemed unnecessary. In the last box I used a duo specific element by using the combination of words and images that end up telling the same story. I wrote the word “years” in large print, and drew a zoomed out image of my background to both tell the reader that the character has been stranded on that island for a long time.

I hand drew my comic this time because I wanted to take a break from illustrator and try something a little different. It was a little difficult as I did not have any color pencils and had to scurry around the house to look for different colored writing utensils. I felt like it was more difficult then using illustrator because drawing with your hand isn’t as precise as using a pen tool on illustrator. It would also be a lot easier to fill in things like the sun and ocean on illustrator rather than having to fill it all in with a marker.

I feel like the type of closure that is taking place in my comic is moment to moment because not a lot of different actions are taking place other than the two characters communicating with each other. I think the last panel is an example of how I work inventively with time. Due to it being scaled differently than the rest it could show how slow time has passed.

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