Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Feifan Li

This week’s comics, I chose to form a story with words and pictures, or that this artboard is not a story but should be a very popular phenomenon. In the drawing board, I used duo-specific, additive, and parallel.

Through the combination of text and pictures, I told people that many people like to play mobile phones at night and lie in bed, and they ca n’t stop after playing mobile phones, which affects their sleep. I chose Illustrator for this cartoon.

Although I am not very skilled, I still finished it. I used Illustrator’s pen tool and pencil tool to draw and assemble this cartoon. I think it might be easier to use a pencil, but I think this is a learning process.

Illustrator is very good and will definitely be used in the future. Then my cartoon about the concept of time is still useful. Because I tell the readers events through words and the passage of time from the moon to the sun.

Work by Feifan Li

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