Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Ben Apostol

The way I chose to incorporate interdependent word picture combinations is with the split panels and the different kinds of text that I used in each. The first thought bubble is of plain text and is surrounded by plain color. The next panel however I made a completely custom text that started as large font that I was able to separate and add to. The text portion of this project probably took the longest to assemble because of the detail that I was trying to put into shaping, coloring and giving it some depth. Unfortunately a lot of the smaller details that I put into the custom text is some what difficult to see. I wanted the text to emulate what the word actually was in contrast to the other side of the comic. Obviously to make two conflicting styles in the comic one side is straight forward and unchanged text while the other panels text is more reflective of what the word is. I think that the interdependent word picture combinations that I did were interdependent and duo specific. I used a lot of the shape builder for certain parts of the comic, however to build the custom text I broke the text up after adjusting it to be big enough to manipulate. After that since each of the letters were now separate shapes I could add to the shapes with the pencil tool. Once I had added all the shapes that I wanted to the lettering I then made it one solid image again. Although it is hard to tell there are soft accents to the lettering that give it a sort of highlight or shine in some small areas. To do this I actually had to create my own art brush and apply it to lines that I put inside the lettering to make it look like small highlights within the letters.

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