Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Amanda Retchless

This week my comic is about relaxation, because I think that is something we all need. My comic uses interdependent work-picture combinations by showing the picture of the crab and then with the speech bubble on the top confirming what the crab is feeling and doing. I think my comic is using interdependent word-picture combinations because of the relevance between the picture and the text. I made this comic on paper again, just like my first weekly comic. I used colored pencils and flare pens for color, then I used a regular pencil in order to draw everything. I think that the specific nature of these tools affected the visual presentation of my words by not being your average image. Each person has an art style, and because of that art style some things may look different or each person sees the same thing but in a different way. So I might take the crab relaxing, but someone else might think that the crab is doing something else. This week is really similar to last weeks techniques. I just tried to draw what was in my head and picture how I could improve from last week, from the coloring and the drawing. Last weeks was really simple and this week I wanted to try a more complex drawing with a bit more detail. I also wanted one main subject compared to the whole page being the main subject. I also tried to shade with coloring and adding more movement lines and making it look more like a cartoon than realistic compared to the first one. Some type of closure that are taking place between the panels of my comic is that they are mostly one frame long, so a very short comic, but it gets its message across. Each one displays the main part as to which they need to show for the assignments, then I added a bit of detail and that was it. I think for this comic I do work inventively with time. I say this because in this comic it looks as if time has stopped, but in fact it is still moving, but just moving slower. Compared to the first one where time stopped and I was trying to show what was happening as if a picture was taken.

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