Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Edison Soliman

For this week I learned about how words and pictures go hand and hand in order to convey a message. In Scott McCloud’s, “Understanding Comics” he talked about the different ways words and pictures can combine in a comic. The comic I created for this week, I attempted to use interdependent word-picture combinations in all the panels to create a type of atmosphere in order to tell a story.

For my comic this week I tried to convey how life feels during these weird times. For the first four panels I drew everyday tasks that I do at home as time goes by. The way I combined words and pictures together is through montage. I made the words more of an integral part of the drawing. In the third panel I drew a me writing on a piece of paper, but with the words floating around it that say “math, english, science”, it helps the reader figure out that I am doing my homework. The rest of the panel are more sensory in order to describe the atmosphere. The eggs sizzle as they are being cooked and time goes by real slow as it takes two panels for it to go “tick tock”. Finally in the last panel I tried to bring everything together by switching to the whole world as it is at a halt as described by the sensory words of “cricket” that I put around the Earth.

The way I created this comic was through a simple, paper, pen, and pencil. I still believe I am able to convey emotion more through hand drawings rather than digital. I also wanted this to be a very simplistic comic to help go with the message that life I currently really relaxed but repetitive that it could get really dull fast.

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