Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Daniel Blanchard

For this week’s comic, we were asked to make a comic that represents how words and pictures can be used to help the viewer connect and feel emotion. This week I took a break from illustrator due to my program repeatably crashing, so I went back to the roots. I drew a comic that showcases a worst nightmare for those who plan to marry, something that you may never think could happen… actually could. A meteor flying into earths atmosphere hurling directly in the destination in which you are on one knee about to pop the biggest question of your life. The car-sized meteorite quickly takes your spot, as your soon to be fiance is standing there in shock she notices something odd. Ahhhh the plan all along, his timing was perfect.


This comic was very fun to make and kept my imagination alive during the process. For the use of words and pictures, I feel that I did a pretty good job displaying emotion through the words and having the pictures to show what the words connect to. For example, when the girl yells NOO!! we know that she is shouting up to the meteorite in fear it is gonna land on them. There are a few things that lead us to know that she is saying no about the meteorite and not to her boyfriend. The first and most obvious one is that there is a meteor hurling towards them, another is her arms and eyes pointed at the meteor and not the boyfriend. All of these play a part in helping the scene be more understandable and readable. Another aspect of this comic is the color, having the color be able to highlight certain things in this comic helped greatly.

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