Putting It All Together: Dean Janikowski

In my comic I made sure to include all 6 steps as stated by Scott McCloud. In my comic I talked about Covid-19. The comic began with two Covid-19 cells that are named “co” and “vid” and they start off with just introducing themselves as cell looking shapes. Then in the next box Vid talks to Co and says “Ya know Co, China is cool and all but I want to travel…” Then Co says in the next box, “Where would you want to go!?” Next the box shows the world and lists the letters “The World.” After that is the plane taking off showing that they were off and traveling. The second to last box was Co and Void at a tropical island just laying and relaxing. Then the last box is just letters stating “The End.” My inspiration for this comic was based off of todays time. 2020 has been one crazy year so far and Covid-19 has been the craziest thing to have happen. This pandemic was caused in China which would later spread to the U.S and many other countries. My comic was fairly accurate to what is going on today and I wanted to be able to show that in my comic while using everything I learned in this class.  In my comic I made sure to use all 6 steps that was given to us in page 170-171 by Scott McCloud. For Idea and purpose I thought my idea was fairly clear that I wanted to replicate what is going on right now and put it to paper. For the second step form, I made sure to make the comic look very kid friendly or PG rated so any one could read it and I made sure to use pencil to make the comic look soft. For the third step idiom the genre of the comic would stand under its own genre since there are very few comics on this pandemic and its been a sensitive subject at the time. For the fourth step structure I made sure to keep in the simple facts and to leave out the politic parts of it all. This way its informative and doesn’t bother those who are reading it. For the fifth step the craft part of it all was me using a pencil and paper to create the comic and to make sure all details possible were added to the comic. The last step of it all was the surface. The surface was a calm and flat surface that was done on paper and sketched lightly on the paper in order to give it the surface to the comic. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and being able to grow in my comic making was a lot of fun.

Covid-19 by Dean Janikowski
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