Putting it All Together: Ruby Hopkins

In my final blog post my goal was to create a story based off the perspective of my cat that I have. I figured that while the world around us has changed so much, our animals must be wondering why we have been home so much more often. Are they happy? Or perhaps, like from the perspective of my comic, they wish to be alone again and go back to their daily schedule. I can only imagine my cat’s earlier days consisted of many naps and peace and quiet. Now, it is very far from that. The form that my comic took was all about my fluffy gray cat I have at home, I made sure to give it more detail than simply drawing a stick figure looking cat and do my best to show facial expression or little clouds above her head when angry. For the idiom, my style takes on that of a fairly normal comic style, I relied on thought bubbles and added the jagged lines around the words that were being yelled so it would have more emphasis to it. The comic is all in black and white. In my structure I made it all to the cats perspective so I did not want to add any more members of my family or I into the comic itself as to put more focus onto my cat and the story she was supposed to be telling on her own. During the drawing process my craft came from simply a graphite pencil and paper, I was able to shade darker or lighter to add depth to what I was creating. My surface was lastly added by cleaning up my edges to each box, adding shading to the ground area and adding in my wording that fit with each frame. I wanted my six -stage story to have closure at the end and even make it a bit comical to bring some light into what is happing in the world right now. This comic was more ambitious than my last few comics I think because of the storyline I created. I definitely wanted it to be more in depth and comic like than any past comic I had done. Maybe even be a little witty. I thought of what I wanted to tell in my comic then drew the images around that idea. I added emotion and drawing style to show what my cat was feeling within each frame. I intended to do the thought bubbles because for some reason I have always thought that cats have this inner monologue that they are always saying. I thought it would be funny to flip the roles and have the humans as the pets in this situation and the cat as the leader of the house. Imagining herself as the queen of the household. The story ended with my cat getting some treats, and realizing that if she did destroy us, she would no longer get treats like this handed to her and she would rather have to work for them on her own. 

A Cat in Quarantine: By Ruby Hopkins
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