Living in the line: Mitchell Delmage

In my comic, I wanted to convey a lot of craziness. I used a lot of crazy shapes overlapping each other to give the emotion of adrenaline. I used a lot of straight lines to show the character going full speed down a hill. I used text bubbles so the character could talk. I used a light bulb to show the sense of the character having an idea. I also used exclamation points and little lines to show the characters emotion right before the jump. I also put my panels all over the place because that is what it feels like to be flipping through the air. The panels, even though they seem like they are in a random order, your eye is supposed to follow him flipping through the air. For my comic I used some old action figure with a skateboard I found in an old box. I used paper and my drawing ability for the background. The hard part was getting the lighting right because I did not want shadows all over the paper. I used three different light sources to fix this problem. I made one of the panels really big and that panel was when my character was racing down the hill. I wanted to show that it took more time than the rest of the story. I wanted to show he was going down a really big hill and picking up lots of speed. The closure that takes place is when my character goes up in the air. The viewer never sees him land the trick. So there is no closure for the viewer. They have to assume what happens. I really enjoyed making the comic. It was cool using real figures with paper and pen. It makes for a very interesting visual.

About Mitchell Delmage

Multimedia Journalism
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