Weekly Blog: “Living in Line” Diana Alonso

Hand drawn comic by Diana Alonso

For this weeks blog, we had to come up with a comic that used some of the ideas provided in Chapter 5 form “Understanding Comics” and/or from previous chapters read. Although I used some ideas from previous chapters, most of the ideas that I used were from chapter 5.

The background story behind my comic is about a mother and a daughter having a conversation about the daughter being able to go out or not. I was inspired to make my comic about this topic due to the current issues happening right now with the Corona Virus. For me, this comic is supposed to be funny, although the emotions shown on the comic show emotions pointing towards excitement, but mostly drawn into sadness, stress, disappointment and/or angry.

In the top image, I would say that the daughter looks very excited at first when she is asking the question ” Can I finally go out”, maybe expecting her mother’s answer to be yes, but then after the response she received from her mother, which was “No”, you can tell in her face on the image below that she immediately changes her mood from happy or excited, to sad and disappointment.

The tools that I used in my comic were a blue piece of paper and a pencil. The reason I chose to use a blue piece of paper was to show the overall feeling in this comic which was sadness. The pencil helped me show the importance of the emotions in the face expressions from the mother and daughter. I used a darker shade in the areas from the face where you are able to see the emotions the most, like the eyebrows and eyes. Something that also helped show emotion was the use of words. When the mother replies with “No”, I added an exclamation mark to show kind of the type of response that she was giving, which I would saw was annoyed or upset.

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