Living in Line: Daniel Blanchard

For the week 13 comic strip I decided to use a little bit of my imagination. for the story of the comic, I wanted to have something that showed emotions in other ways than words. So for this strip, I added curved lines around the body of the lady corn dog in order to show her shaking with fear. I also changed the expressions on the face from smiles to frowns, this shows some discomfort with the situation at hand. for the characters I used adobe Illustrator to make them, and the rest was put together in Photoshop. Using the Illustrator program I was able to make characters like the “demon dog which looks scary, while also being able to create figures that represent living corn dogs.

For the Closures that are taking place between the panels, there is a curiosity of what happens next as the demon dog approaches closer in each frame. As for time within the comic I believe i displayed it fairly well, hoping that the viewer basses the time off the travel of the demon dog inching closer to the couple.

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