Living in Line: Sophie Dimry

Hand drawn comic by Sophie Dimry

In “Chapter 5: Living in Line” from “Understanding Comics”, Scott McCloud explains the different ways that artists can convey “the invisible realm of senses and emotions” (135).  In my comic, I did this by manipulating the expressions of my main character and used different line techniques to convey noise. At the beginning of the comic, the stick figure man is peacefully sleeping when his alarm clock abruptly wakes him up in a loud, obnoxious manner. The man turns off his alarm clock and thinks to himself that he will sleep another five minutes before waking up. Suddenly he wakes up 4 hours later discovering he slept in too late and is overwhelmed with stress and panic. To show the man’s different emotions I first drew him as peacefully sleeping with Z’s above his head. The alarm clock is presented as loud because it has many chaotic lines drawn coming off of it in all directions. The alarm clock can also be perceived as moving because there are lines along the sides of it to suggest movement. The windows in the background also indicate the idea of time passing by as the sun starts off small and not as high in the sky then when it is in the afternoon once he finally wakes up. Finally, in the last panel I conveyed the sense of anxiety and panic through the expression of the man’s face an dry showing the time on the alarm clock in the background. The man’s eyebrows are contorted, his pupils are small, and his mouth is small. These all suggest that the man knows he messed up and over slept because he seems to be in a state of distress.

I chose to draw this series of events because I feel as though everyone can relate to it. I chose the medium of drawing and used markers as my tools. I like using markers because I feel like I have more control and I like using lots of color. I tried to use a couple of techniques to play with time in this comic. I used the idea of the sun through the window in the background as a subtle hint that time has been passing. I also explicitly gave the time on the alarm clock each time to see that 4 hours had passed.

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