Print versus Digital Comics: Mitchell Delmage

Hand-drawn comics are open to so much creativity. When making a hand-drawn comic, you do not have to worry about being limited to a lack of knowledge about using computer softwares. With colored pencils, you are free to do whatever you want and you are only limited by your own imagination. Anything I wanted to make happen would happen on this piece of paper. It can, however, be tedious work having to color in all the backgrounds and hand draw all the objects and people.

Digital comics are a lot quicker to make. Software tools allow you to make perfect shapes and sizes that can be adjusted at any time if you make a mistake. Digital comics allow for someone to create much quicker than they would be able to with hand-drawn comics. I was limited to the software I had access to and the limit of my knowledge using that software. This limited my ability to create a digital comic and with more practice my digital comics would improve. I believe that digital comics express less creativity than traditional hand-drawn comics because traditional comics possess more natural artistic ability and a higher degree a variability or uniqueness.

About Mitchell Delmage

Multimedia Journalism
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