Print Versus Digital Comic: Maria Alvarez

I think drawing my comic was easier and faster because it was hand drawn. I got to draw what I wanted and I also got to choose how much detail I wanted to put in. The only bad thing about hand drawn is that my art skills are not the best and it’s hard to draw people. I like doing a digital comic because it is colorful, organized and I didn’t have to draw the images so they look very well. I think people can tell what is what and what s going on in my digital comic because of the images. The thing I didn’t like about doing the comic digital is that it took longer to make. Having to find the perfect images on google and then making the boxes on word. Both my comic don’t have words, just pictures. But I think they are easy to read in both hand drawn and digital because it is a very simple comic. Reading the first chapter did help me create my digital comic.

Hand drawn comic by Maria Alvarez
Digital comic made by Maria Alvarez
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