Weekly Blog: Show and tell: Mitchell Delmage

For my comic this week, I created a scene where a car drives from Wyoming to Colorado. I used techniques from Scott McCloud’s, Understanding Comics. I used the additive combination of words and pictures and the interdependent technique in the first panel. The first panel is additive because the words add information to the image and the story. It is also interdependent because the words and pictures go hand in hand. The second panel uses the interdependent combination as well because the picture and the words go together to set the location. The second panel also could be considered a montage because the word is integrated into the image. The third panel uses the additive combination method because the words do not do anything except add information to the image. The fourth panel uses additive, montage, and interdependent. It is montage because the words in the sign are a part of the image. It is interdependent because both sentences go hand in hand with the image. It is additive because the words add information to the image to set the scene and describe the story. I used an app called sketchbook to create my comic. I assume it is very similar to illustrator but much more simple. I like using apps like sketchbook because it can make it really easy to create perfect shapes. It is especially easy to create the panels using a software, versus hand drawing the whole thing. I used a really long panel of the landscape to show that the car is driving for a long time. The only closure in the story is at the end when the car arrives at the destination. The viewer has no closure and has to assume what the reason is for the trip and who is in the car. I never put a person in my comic to make it more universal.

About Mitchell Delmage

Multimedia Journalism
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