Weekly Blog: Living in Line: Malvin Malai-Harrison

Through this comic, I was wanting to convey a feeling of tension and panic in an intense situation. The motorcycle driver is seen here driving away from something when they look at their fuel gauge and notice that they need to refill soon. This is a problem especially after revealing that what they’re running from is actually a police car. Even though the reader can’t see the facial expressions of the driver, they can infer from the context that they are most likely very panicked about their situation and maybe trying to find some way out of it. However, we don’t know.

The tools I used for this comic was a piece of paper, pencil, eraser, pen, and a ruler. Since I’m not that skilled at drawing by hand, this definitely affected my overall image quality. I had to erase and redo many parts just to get them to where I wanted them to be.

Working with this medium is pretty nice because you can erase and start over as many times as you like. Once you get it to where you want it to be then you can go over your work with a pen and makes it look much cleaner and defined. However this is a very tedious process. From our visit to the museum, I noticed that most of the comic artists work with a pen and paper first before moving to a digital medium. I wanted to give this method a try, and I can definitely see the benefit from this method.

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