Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Malvin Malai-Harrison

For my comic, I wanted to create one that was very short but to the point, similar to the examples that Scott McCloud included in his book. For each panel, both the pictures and the words both depend on one another to covey the full meaning of the comic.

This comic is an exaggerated illustration of how I feel during the quarantine. Every day, the news media are always filled with bad news regarding coronavirus getting worse. It’s easy to pay attention to that but sometimes we all need a break.

The words at the bottom of the panels are a narrative of what the person is feeling. They’ve obviously grown tired of hearing the news. The “tick tock” around the clock depicts the passage of time and the clock functioning. While the words underneath guide the narrative, the words and the clock help illustrate the overall idea of the panel.

Then, I used a calendar to illustrate the passage of time on an even longer scale. While the months are still just words, it’s used positioned to reference a calendar. Also, the year shows just how long this person has been dealing with Covid-19 and has been in social distancing measures for.

In regard to McCloud’s word-picture combinations, I’d categorize this comic as duo-specific word-picture combination. This is because both the words and the pictures both work in conjunction with one-another without focusing predominantly on one or the other. Both the words and the pictures are inter-dependent on one another and both separately do not convey the entire message/meaning.

I used pen and paper again for this comic. Using these tools helped me depict a bit more of my personal way of drawing, rough around the edges while still communicating the message.

Working with this medium again, I noticed that little-by-little I’m getting slightly faster with my drawings. However, I need more practice to make the illustrations look cleaner.

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