Week Blog: Living in Line: Edgar Martinez

A comic about working at Amazon

When I was thinking about using lines in this comic I kept coming back to the idea of clean and sharp lines vs rough, messy lines. I am a huge fan of the sketches and despite looking rough that they can convey the same amount of emotion as other drawings. That is how I decided to use rough messy lines to convey emotion in my comic.

I got a job at amazon during spring break and have been working the graveyard shift as a day job would interfere with my online classes and that decision is what inspired my comic. I wanted to contrast the two types of feelings I had when it came to my new job with the two types of lines that I was going to be using. The sharp and clean lines would represent joy and comfort while the rough and messy lines would represent my dread. I found throughout the week I am dreading the days and my work but as it is hopefully shown in the comic once I get payed the dread disappears and the cycle continues with a new week.

I used pen and pencil in order to create my comic and found that the pencil was an amazing tool in order to create the messy, sketchy look that I was looking for. Once I had the outline of the comic done with pencil then I went over it with my pen. I found that using the pen made everything more defined and pop out which was great for the sharp lines that I was looking for but it made the rough sketchy lines look too clean. I had to find a way to make the defined pen look not defined and messy and I think I managed to achieve that in my comic. I used a week as a basis of time for my comic with each panel representing a new day and it is all a part of the week.

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