Weekly Blog: Show and Tell: Edgar Martinez

Feeling Like I am Being Watched

The show and tell chapter was really eye opening when It came to the concepts that it introduced and explored. It might sound dumb but I never really saw the connection between words and the images on a comic and it was this chapter that finally opened my eyes and allowed me to see the connection. This class has taught me many things about literature and comics and when I think that I understand the comics I learn more.

When I was coming up with the idea for this comic I wanted to create a story first and use the comic as a supplement to my story and use the visuals and speech bubbles to further enhance the story. In order to do that I picked a short experience that I had and would benefit from having it in comic form and I built up from that idea. I used picture and word specific techniques in order to achieve my goal. I wanted each panel to match the text that would accompany it and wanted to avoid having the panels not match my story. I mainly focused on word specific as my purpose was to have the words be the focus of the comic.

Learning from my previous comic I once again used sharp and defined lines with my pen to make them defined. This time I decided to use pencil and not go over with it in pen in order to create a shadowy look for the shadows. I thought that the pencil wouldn’t show up as strongly as I wished but when I scanned it I saw that the pencil had the desired effect. It was slightly washed out but it was present and it looked better than the paper. This time I took a more chronological take on the panels with each panel taking place after the other panel.

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