Weekly Blog: Living In Line: Maria Alvarez

Comic done on Illustrator by Maria Alvarez

I wanted to pick a topic where I could show different emotions through my comic. In this comic you can see the emotions; scared, surprised, and confusion. The invisible sense would be distress and panic because of the context.

I did this comic in Illustrator and I used the curvature tool to make the fire because it has some curves to it. I also used the shape tool to make the head and the line segment tool divide the page using guides and rulers. I also used the paint brush to create the body and the face features. I also used it to draw the tress with different brush sizes. In the last picture I used a thinner brush size to make the burned out trees look more sad and that is also why I chose not to draw more detail. It made more sense to leave the ending picture with less detail to show that the fire left practically nothing. I used a thicker brush size on the face expression because I wanted the reader to be able to tell what emotions they were feeling since there are no words. Drawing with a brush is a more difficult for me but I think it makes the drawings accurate. I did have trouble drawing the fire because I couldn’t make straight lines and it actually took me awhile since I wanted to add different colors right next to each other.

I like that the order in this comic can go anyway because it can be read from left to right or from top to bottom. Either way, I think both tell a story. This comic does show time because there are green tress in the beginning and then at the end the tress are all burned out which shows that the fire took awhile in order for the trees to end up all black with no leaves.

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