Show and Tell: Sophie Dimry

Hand Drawn Comic by Sophie Dimry

In this comic I decided to portray my idea of what I think everyone will be doing during the summer while we are quarantined. The comic shows a person with a long list of nothing to do for his day in quarantine. The man decides to lounge in the pool for the remainder of his day to relax.

This comic is more picture specific, as it shows words that go with the sequence of events displayed by the images. Scott McCloud explains the picture specific combination as a way to “ass a soundtrack to a visually told sequence” (McCloud, 153). To showcase this idea I drew a sequence of events and added some sound components as well as speech. Throughout this comic the use of words do a couple different things to add to the visual storyline. In the beginning the To-Do list gives the reader a glimpse into the storyline as well as the speech bubble above it, narrating the events. The use of time is also shown through time stamps at the top of each panel to indicate time passing as well as a following of the aforementioned schedule. The words also indicate sound when the phrases “aaaahhh” and “sluuurp” are used. These words alone can mean different things but when put into the context of these visual images, it creates a sense of relaxation. The use of these sound phrases with the images is an example of duo-specific. When alone, these words do not necessarily fit into the story or can be interpreted in different ways, but when paired with the images, the story makes better sense. This idea also relates to McCloud’s definition of interdependent word combinations because the words and images go together to convey the story, and neither of them could effectively do that alone.

For this comic I chose to work with pens, markers, and paper. I prefer this medium more than Illustrator because I feel I am able to control how I want the images to look better. When I am drawing I feel as though I have more control over my strokes, placement of images and words, and layout. I found it more difficult to control the way I drew in Illustrator and preferred this method more.

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