Show and Tell: Ruby Hopkins

For this week I decided to make a comic or collage type of deal that depicts several different types of flowers and the point of it because I drew it in black and white was to imagine the colors each flower would have. While there is a title added to my drawing, “Find the Red Flower”, I still know that when someone where to look at the image and know the rose was the red flower. Why? Because roses are red, violets are blue and so on. While the wording itself works independently as instructions or a title, the images themselves act independently simply as what they are. Flowers, displayed across a page drawn by a simple graphite pencil. I feel that I used the word picture combination duo specific because without my instructions those looking at my writing may not understand what the point of the drawings are or what you are exactly supposed to do with it.  The tools and techniques that I used to create this comic was just a simple graphite pencil and my sketchbook. It had simplicity and detail to it all at once. My placement was very specific of each flower as well. I made sure the rose was the one to be full center of the page so that was hopefully the first thing many drew their eyes to. I know that this class is based on photoshop, but whenever I am given the chance to pick up my sketchbook and draw, I make sure to fully take on that opportunity. I love how I can draw lines on a page with no specific ending point and just see what my outcome will be. When making cartoons, especially ones accompanied by words, I try and keep them as simple as possible. Sure I could spend two hours drawing a beautiful realistic flower, but I love how simple some sketches can be but anyone who looks at the image will know exactly what the drawing is supposed to be. 

Flowers: By Ruby Hopkins
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