Print Versus Digital Comic: Amanda Retchless

The first comic I made for this class was the hand drawn comic. I think that I was able to made the hand drawn comic more detailed and it meant more to me compared to when I made the online comic. First of all, for the hand drawn comic all I used was a pencil and paper. It was super easy to use and I was able to do whatever I wanted, whatever my drawing skills would allow me to do. For the webcomic I used Microsoft Paint. I used this because I have never made art online and I had no idea what I was doing. Going into both of these comics I had no artistic skill and I didn’t know what I was doing. In the end I think that the hand drawn comic is better visually, but I think that my webcomic is better for a story that I wanted to be told. Some benefits when I made the hand comic was that I was able to do whatever I wanted, there was no restrictions to what I could and couldn’t do. One of the drawbacks when I was making my hand drawn comic was that I wasn’t able to duplicate frames. For example, if I had to draw the same thing for multiple frames, I would have to redraw every one of them and they wouldn’t look the same. A benefit for when I made the webcomic was that it was easy to use and I had a variety of tools that I otherwise wouldn’t have. A con to the webcomic was that because I was new at making an online comic, it was really hard to figure out how to use all the tools and I wasn’t able to get what I wanted onto the screen. It felt more precise and artificial than if I just drew it on paper. A difference between reading a comic on paper versus online is that the online comic lacks a bit more detail than a paper comic. The online comic I wasn’t really able to see all the smaller details and the paper one I was able to see all the different marks and the smaller techniques that were using in order to get the comic to look the way it does. When I read the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”, it did give me a few ideas. My first comic didn’t tell a story and it was more of a collage of what I like and liked to do. I read the chapter and afterwards I really liked how he could tell a story within a few pictures. It wouldn’t matter how precise and how detailed the comic was, as long as it made sense it was fine. So, for my second comic I told the story of how my first Dungeons and Dragons session went. It wasn’t pretty, but it told a story.

This is the online webcomic that I made that tells the story of how my first Dungeons and Dragons session went.
This is my hand drawn comic about what I like.

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