Print Versus Digital Comic By: Daniel Blanchard

By: Daniel Blanchard

Hand Drawn Comic “My Life” Daniel Blanchard

For my first DTC 201 project, I was prompted to create 2 separate comics, one by hand and one digital drawn. the comic above is the first one I created by hand with a pencil and hints of a marker. This hand-drawn comic was a challenge for me because as you can see I am not the best drawer. In each one of the boxes, there is a different important scenario or place that express who I am and how I spend my time. I am a perfectionist, so a stick figure comic wouldn’t be enough for me, this is why I tried my best at attempting drawing non-stick figure characters. It worked out well but I feel that the more I practice the more I will improve my freehand skills. For this particular comic, I started by expressing my love for music, I am an artist and have been making music for a little over a year now. This is something I enjoy doing in my free time and is what actually got me interested in being a DTC major. I make all of my album/single covers and have been using photoshop and other programs for a while so I am able to not only express myself through music but also my artwork. for the next box, I drew a picture of the I-5 bridge that connects Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. This is just a big landmark where I’m from and thought it’d be the best one to show for Vancouver. The third box is a picture I redrew of my baby sister and puppy. And the last box is a representation of where my Girlfriend goes to college, I showed this because I spend most of my time with her.

The Benefit of drawing a comic by hand is the fact that you can draw what is in your head with no limitations. Also, you are able to draw you comic by hand wherever and essentially whenever you want too, no limitations to a computer/device.

This comic above is my digital comic, made with photoshop, believe it or not, this took me less time to make than my hand-drawn comic. This comic is made with images taken of me from a couple nights out, once I added the images I threw a filter on them and added text bubbles, a gun, and blood splatter. i then put all of the images and inserts together and added text. This was very enjoyable to make because you are able to add images or draw something digitally and add effects and filters you could not show in hand-drawn comics.

Doing the digital comic compared to the hand-drawn was very different but both were enjoyable to make. having the convenience to draw whatever you are imagining with a pencil is a feeling that every artist or creative thinker loves. But the things you can do to alter images or create certain animated characters is something special that I think more and more people are beginning to appreciate.

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