Print vs. Digital Comic: Nick Caton

Drawn by Nick Caton, January 2020

I created two comics, one hand drawn, and the other using Adobe Illustrator. The first comic I made is the hand drawn comic. In the hand drawn comic I made it about myself and some of the things that go on in my life. I started in my home town of Kirkland, Washington and went from there. I mainly just used some of the things I do during my time at WSU like, living in a fraternity, working for Athletic Marketing, and watching the Seahawks. There was a big difference when creating the comics. When I was making the hand drawn comic I just used paper and pencil. This makes it easier to drawn what you are thinking, but it doesn’t look as good as a digital comic. The benefits for creating a hand drawn comic are that you can use your drawing skills to create the image you want for your comic, and you can easily make changes to your work. The drawbacks to creating a comic by hand are that if you don’t try your hardest it wont look as good as a digital comic, also you can’t be as precise when making lines and colors.

Digital Comic created by Nick Caton, January 2020

The second comic I created was the digital comic through Adobe Illustrator. In this comic I just made the first thing to pop in my head which ended up being a comic about trees having a baby tree and regretting it. The comic that I made is very simple yet visually appealing. I think that the simplicity of the comic helps it look better. Sometimes less is more. When I was making this comic it definitely took longer than the hand drawn comic because I had to re-learn how to use adobe illustrator. In this case the hand drawn comic was easier but I think in the end the digital comic turned out nicer and better looking. In all both ways of making a comic are effective in their own ways and it just depends on which kind of look you are going for. You can make a hand drawn comic look better than a digital one if you really try and vice versa. Both ways of a comic can work for your idea as long as you are able to share your message.

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