Physical to Virtual: Shira Feinberg

Photo by Shira Feinberg, February 2020

When it came to scanning objects, I had a hard time both choosing and finding things. This is because I am not in my hometown and can’t just pull out the items that mean the most to me. With that said, I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends that put together a huge scrapbook for me, before I left, that contained a ton of memories.

Photo by Shira Feinberg, February 2020

However, the first time I came in to scan items, I wasn’t sure what to bring so I just brought items that I found around the room that had some meaning to it. But after seeing how my fellow classmates interpreted the project, I knew what I wanted to bring. And so, the following time we went to scan, I brought items that represented me. I brought a scarf that my 6th grade girls, of whom I used to counsel, gave me before I left to college and is extremely soft like how sweet I am, according to those girls. I also brought an inspirational quote to help me stay positive, two flat-wooden birds as they are my favorite animal, two fortune cookie type of messages to keep me happy, a couple of cards as I love to play cards, a heart to symbolize how I love to help others, and a wooden letter “S” to represent my name and favorite color. All of these items help to represent my personality, since I have been working towards becoming more positive and each of the items were given to me from different people who mean a lot to me, even though to others they may simply look like meaningless objects.

Photo by Shira Feinberg, February 2020

There are a few items that I wanted to bring but would be difficult to scan. Those are a ceramic apple with the word luck in Lithuania, a posing ceramic cat from my best friend, a Russian nesting doll brought to me by my family and helps represent the layers of history in my family, and an emerald grizzly bear with a fish in its mouth. I tried to scan them, but there was either a glare or I couldn’t hold the object straight enough to get a good image of it.

In the end, I chose the objects that I did for their texture, meaning, and representation for my personality. I hope to effectively represent these items in my college for Project one.

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