Physical to Virtual: Haydyn Wallender

Hi friends! Let’s kick this week’s blog post off with a recap of what we learned in the CDSC last week: Scanning things is harder than it looks. I don’t know about y’all, but I STRUGGLED with this physical to virtual scanning process.

The first day, or Tuesday, I brought a lot of “sorority girl aesthetic” items that I was hoping to use for my collage. Things like that “Wild Honey” tee used as an example in class, or bracelets my little sister had made for me (H ❤ A). After some thought, however, I decided I wanted to portray a different part of me that not many people know about: my farm/outdoorsy side.

These items that I have digitized are things related to me, or my hometown. For example, I have a Yeti sticker from a mug I received as a present in my travels to and from the state of Oregon, because my Hydroflask doesn’t fit in my car cup holder. But that honestly could be a whole other post/rant. I also digitized my father’s jean jacket, something that he’s had for over 20 years that is now in my possession, as well as various other “outdoor” items that you’ll see when I submit it. Who wants to give away all the goods at the beginning, anyway?

I think these items will not only make a wonderful collage with color, but it also allows me to project a part of myself not many see. Using this theme for my collage will allow me to experiment with texture of clothing items, layering different items on top of one another, and work on collage-making in a digital space: something I have never done before. I’m excited to play with colors, style and organization, and I hope the final project turns out as good as I envisioned it.

Below are some of my images that I’ve scanned. I hope this teaser will entice you to return to see the final project!

Sticker of the brand Yeti. Digitized by Haydyn Wallender 2020.

Hand-me-down Jean Jacket. Digitized by Haydyn Wallender 2020.

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