Physical to Virtual: Devon Anderson

For the CDSC my first scan was of my gold necklace that holds a coin from 1837. I decided to use this as my first scan because it is not completely flat and I wanted to play with the dimensions and texture that could possibly arise from scanning an item such as this. This item is something I never take off and although texture was a huge attribute that made it become the first scan it also embodies my project as a whole as well. I had other items brought to scan but when looking through the possibilities, the coin seemed the most unconventional, if there happened to be any questions or concerns to bring up this would be the item that would most likely bring forth the most concern and therefore was the first scan also due to having our perfessor there for concerns. Fortunately the scan went without any problems and the image produced, I believe, is really cool.

Gold Chain Scan

Now I am aware of the vast variety of items that have the ability to be scanned. I now hope to scan a couple fabric based items such as t-shirts to gain more dynamic and texture related images to bring depth to my project. I would also like to scan plants and a rose if I get the opportunity to show contrast. I believe these items would be interesting and help elicit the emotions that this collage will hopefully bring forth. My project will show the contrast of the emotions and anger felt last semester compared to the feeling of freedom and growth that I have come to embody within this semester. Some of the items I plan to scan I want to play around with in photoshop and see how different textures can be manipulated to produce a different effect than the original form it was scanned in.

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