Physical to Virtual: Cameron Cain

When I was looking through the reading, I saw that she used a lot of octopuses, which made me think of the ocean as a good theme for my collage. Since I don’t have any octopus things to scan, I decided to focus on a pirate theme. For that, I brought and scanned a small teddy bear, 2 pairs of scissors, some hand-drawn pirate accessories, a patterned towel, and a patterned rag. I plan to look for a source of text to add to the collage, like a newspaper or magazine, so maybe I can add some dialogue or narration. I thought the teddy bear would be a good fit, since his fur has a nice texture, and the reading had some child-like quality to the doodle illustrations. The towel and rag can make a good, textured background.

Towel scanned by Cameron Cain 2020

Oscar, scanned by Cameron Cain 2020

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