Physical to Virtual: Anna Davenport

For this project, I brought my favorite scrunchy, a picture of my sister and me, a letter from my dad, and a page out of my favorite adult coloring book. Now that I have had the opportunity to see the objects scanned onto the computer, I want to bring more printed fabric. I really enjoyed the way that the fabric on the scrunchy folded and had texture and I think that the flowery fabric will allow me to take the chunks of flowers right out of the scan. Bringing something like a t-shirt will give me the same look while also having larger items to work with. Since the scrunchy is so small I had to scan it at a very large resolution, therefore, making the file size huge. I think that having a larger piece of fabric with bigger print will allow me to grab more intricate details from the fabric.

The things that I brought in are all objects that I have held onto for a long time because they are important to me. I want to be able to use these objects to explain who I am and what is important to me. I thought about bringing some of the sea glass that I collect from all of the places I have traveled in order to add some depth to my project. I have a lot of things that are flat but still have texture because they have been worn since they are older. I noticed that the scanner can pick up more detail than I thought and so I would also like to bring more letters from my family because I think it is an interesting way to use the skill of cutting parts out of the scan as well as showing what is important in my life. I can also use those words from my family to make new sentences to explain more of the story of who I am.

Scrunchy Scanning: By Anna Davenport 2020

Tea Bag Scanning: By Anna Davenport 2020
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