Physical to Virtual: Jennifer Engelke

Previous to our visit to the CDSC on Tuesday, I spent an hour going through various newspapers. I chose to go through the newspapers that are offered for free in the dining hall, The New York Times, U.S. Today, and The Daily Evergreen. Knowing I wanted my topic to be about life in college I began looking for words that I thought would fit within these guidelines. I found words like money, university, debt, and sports. I then cut them out and continued on my search through them, this time looking for images. I found images of what looked to be geometry homework, and various types of money. 

I brought in all my items in on Tuesday and laid them out for my classmates to see. After seeing everything my peers brought and reevaluating what I had brought I realized I needed items with a bit more texture to them. On Thursday I brought in a new item to scan, I brought in a piece of college-ruled notebook paper. I took the pristine paper and began to crumple it up, giving it a used feel. I wanted it to look like a notebook page which had been carelessly thrown in a backpack, as papers sometimes do. 

Crumpled notebook paper that was scanned for the digital comic project.

The paper with its’ new texture was ready to be scanned. Before the tutorial on Tuesday, I had never thought about putting a black fabric behind the scan. I quickly realized I needed to have this behind my paper because it was white and was not going to show up very well once it was scanned. Now that I have gone through the scanning process and understand it more, I will be able to scan even more newspaper clippings and my ramen wrapper that I intend to use in my final product. I think having items that are flat, such as my newspaper clippings, and having items with texture, such as my notebook paper and my wrapper, will give my digital comic collage a more realistic and 3D appearance. 

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