Physical to Virtual: Amanda Retchless

The materials that I brought to the CDSC for our first scanning day was a tea and pink lemonade label because those were some of the drinks that I have had recently. I brought a book written by my favorite author, Sarah J Maas. I brought a few Pura Vida bracelets because they are one of my favorite things to wear and collect. I brought two of my favorite teas, guava and earl grey. Lastly I brought a Dutch Brothers Coffee sticker because it is an interest my sisters and I share and it is one of the only things that we bond on. I also brought a wrapper of my favorite chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberry filling, and I brought some frog gummies. I thought they would look cool with one side being transparent and the other being opaque.

Now that I have scanned something I was thinking about bringing in more things with texture and patterns. I realized that most of the stuff that I brought on Tuesday was very plain and boring compared to some thing that the other students brought textural wise. I also think that I will try to find something with a complex design and try to use it as a background for my comic collage, or possibly as a border. My friend had recently loaned me his Dungeons and Dragons book and some of the pages have fantasy like pictures with a sort of torn page look to it that I found interesting, so I want to scan that and see if that could work for something.

I think that these things will be interesting to use for my digital comics collage because of the texture and the fantasy feel of it. I wanted to make something that looked like it came from a dream or perhaps a fantasy. I really like video games and anything fantasy, so I wanted to incorporate that into my comic to maybe this older, renaissance feeling. I wanted to make it look kinda like an old treasure map and create the feeling of excitement and adventure.

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