Physical to Virtual: Diana Alonso

The object that I decided to scan was a Victoria Secret bag. I decided to chose this item because it was a larger item that I could use as a background over all for my whole project. My Victoria Secret bag is black, nut the grey glitter hat it has makes it look more bright, which i want to use as a background because I feel like that would make my other objects pop out since they are brighter than the background. I chose this theme because since I always wear black, I always try wear something bright so it is noticed by other people, and it stands out most, and another way to see it is with my personality. I decided to choose my items based off of things that describe me as a person. When I looked through my room, I found stickers, clothing, frames, and other stuff that can define me as a person. One of the objects was a sticker that said ” I love Immigrants” which is part of my identity as I came to the US as an immigrant and from immigrants. I am also really big on advocating for other immigrants, not just myself, and the sticker also included a lot of flags from different places, and it was very bright and colorful, which I could say that defines my personality.

If I could scan another item, I would scan a picture of my family because they have played the most important role in my life which has helped shape the person that I am today. I would consider them to be the background to my collage and I would be the bright object in the front. Thanks to them I am able to achieve my goals and thanks to their help I am able to go out in the world and do great things. This would be an important part to my collage.

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