Physical to Virtual: Ben Apostol

For my Physical to Virtual project, the first couple of things that I scanned were graphic tee shirts. Both items contain text and logos, and are going to be used throughout my project to represent me. Another item I scanned was the front and back of a car themed air freshener. I also included in my scans some of my astronomy notes to represent school, and chose two to show both writing notes as well as diagrams from class. The next item I scanned was a car sticker that goes along with the air freshener. I chose a couple of other stickers as well as a piece of infusion tape to represent my medical condition in my project.

Now that I am able to scan different sized objects by changing the resolution, I may be able to scan a few more articles of clothing that have meaningful designs. The brands of the clothes that were scanned are each trying to give a theme to my project. Along with the option of being able to scan more stickers that would show up well on my project with the right resolution I could also scan more visually interesting pieces of work that represent my professional and school life. All of the items that I want to scan each have a theme weather it is the brand or the style of the item or logo. The objects may not have meaning by themselves but when put together in my project and manipulated through Photoshop, the viewer would get a better idea about me as a person and creator.

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